Why Choose Greenline Home Loans to Cash Out/Equity Release?

Sometimes you might need to borrow money in order to achieve some personal goals like renovating your home, buying a new car or even travelling overseas. While taking out a personal loan is an option, releasing equity from your property can result in a more favourable outcome with lower interest rates applicable to the loan as a result of the nature of the loan and the security against it. Here at Greenline Home Loans, we are able to help you access this equity through a home equity loan and help you achieve your personal goals. You can rely on us with the lowest home loan rates and customer service that you will value for the life of your loan.

Product Features

One of the benefits of homeownership is having the ability to access the equity in your property and use it as collateral for a loan when money is needed to pay for major expenses such as home improvements or debt consolidation. Home equity loans can be a great choice in situations of large cash needs.

Fixed Interest

Compared to a home equity line of credit that comes with a variable interest rate that can unexpectedly increase at any given moment, the interest rates on a home equity loan are generally fixed for the duration of the loan. You will be able to know exactly how much you will have to pay back each month and what the interest rate will be.

Prolonged Repayment Terms

When it comes to securing a home equity loan, your repayment terms on this loan can be as long as 20 years. Combined with lower interest rates compared to unsecured loans, can convert into very affordable monthly repayment instalments.

Lower Interest Rates

A cash out/equity release loan is secured by your property and, therefore, typically offers a lower rate than unsecured forms of borrowing such as personal loans or credit cards.

Possible Tax-Deductible Interest

A major feature of a home equity loan is the benefit of tax write-offs. Interest that is paid on a home equity loan may be tax-deductible up to $100,000 if you utilise the money to substantially enhance the property used to secure the loan.

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Home Loan Products

Residential Home Loans

Residential home loans are mortgages where banks hold security in the form of a residential property. Here at Greenline Home Loans, we ensure that your residential home loan has the lowest home loan rates, the lowest fees and the flexibility you require. Along with years of experience in the finance industry, our home loan professionals have in-depth knowledge of Australian residential home loan markets.

Residential Investment Property Loans

If you are planning on purchasing your first investment property or are a seasoned investor ready to expand on the market, Greenline Home Loans has you covered. With a number of low-interest rate home loan options, our friendly team are here to help you settle in quickly and make your experience as hassle-free as possible.

Home Loan Refinancing

We provide quick, easy and obligation-free home loan refinancing services which allow you to compare your current home loan against hundreds available on the market. Greenline Home Loans have a simple refinancing process so that you can begin saving on your home loan repayments sooner.

Debt Consolidation

If you have been dealing with multiple payments on numerous loans, each with their own interest rates and conditions, you may want to consider consolidating your debts. Have greater control of your financial situation by bringing all your existing debts together into one loan.

Bridging Loans

When looking to upgrade your home, timing the purchase of your new home while selling your existing property can be tricky. Bridging loans can provide a solution that allows you to avoid the stress of having to sell your home first and find temporary accommodation whilst you search for your next home.

Construction Loans

Construction loans are designed to support those who are building their home, as opposed to purchasing an established property. Greenline Home Loans can provide you with a loan that is progressively drawn down as required to pay for each stage of the construction, allowing you to manage your cash flow more efficiently during the building stages.