Why Choose Greenline Home Loans for your Construction Loan?

A construction loan is a loan designed to support those who are building their home, as opposed to purchasing an established property and accordingly, the structure of the loan is very different to a standard mortgage loan. Here at Greenline Home Loans, we are committed to providing you with the best construction loan to suit your needs. From the loan application all the way to post-settlement, Greenline Home Loans will guide you through the entire construction loan process.

Product Features

Construction loans give you access to money progressively as you complete various stages of construction. You have the ability to design and build your property to suit your lifestyle. Whether you’re building or completing major renovations, a construction loan may be the one for you.


During the construction period, construction loans have interest-only payments. This means that your repayments are lower throughout the time of building or undertaking renovations. The loan is typically provided on an interest-only basis for the first 12 months, allowing you to manage your cash flow more efficiently during the building stages. Once construction is finalised, the loan typically reverts to Principal and Interest repayments.

Funds Withdrawn in Stages

When building a property or completing major renovations, it is crucial to know what to expect at each stage. Construction loans allow you to draw down the loan at different stages of the build – known as progress payments. Your progress payment schedule will generally have five to six stages during the construction period.

Protects Against Financial Loss

A great plus for construction loans is that they can help guard you against poor-quality construction or incomplete work. Progress payments are only released to the builder when each stage of the construction process has been finished to the required standard.


A construction loan provides convenience as you are able to make additional payments into your loan at any given point. This will reduce your loan balance meaning you will pay less interest on the loan.

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Cash Out – Equity Release

Sometimes you might need to borrow money in order to achieve some personal goals like renovating your home, buying a new car or even travelling overseas. While taking out a personal loan is an option, releasing equity from your property can result in a more favourable outcome with lower interest rates applicable to the loan as a result of the nature of the loan and the security against it.